About us

We are proud to have earned a respected reputation that guarantees our clients what they need, when they want it, at the most competitive prices. As a small, performance-driven and cost-effective company, we are capable of servicing small clients with the same ease as larger projects. Our goal is always to deliver high quality metal solutions across a variety of specialised applications. Our experience, group of companies and skilled technicians allow us to offer individual, custom-made parts or combine our areas of expertise in metal fabrication and assembling.

At The Fox Group of Companies we are committed to transformation in South African Business. We have implemented an economic empowerment policy and strategy to continuously increase our contribution status and pass the procurement benefit on to you, our valued customers. At present we are Level 5 Contributor - 80% Procurement Recognition Level. Please download our certificate for your records (PDF: 117Kb), and if you require further information regarding our economic empowerment you may contact

How we work

Our synergistic processes allows each business within the group to function as an individual specialist in its field, as well as together as a team of experts, cross-selling projects between themselves. This diverse approach ensures that a single project, with one or many components, can be completed under one roof through one dedicated consultant. Our focus is always on building a client's business in the best and most cost-efficient manner possible, making our one-stop-job-shop that much more personal with everyone working towards the same goals.

What we do

Our business is cold rolled and hot rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and plastics. From Laserfox's state-of-the-art laser cutting and Foxtron's bending and welding to machining and supplying precision-engineered components at Bifox. The Fox Group of companies produces a professional product that works the way it should, when it's supposed to.